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A few images to show what we get up to here at Lockwood View...

Some of the guys at Lockwood View Daycare Centre


Before the day begins!

Building a t pond At Lockwood View Day Care Centre

Project Duck Pond!

Work starts on the duck pond. Got to keep our resident ducks happy.

Chickens and Ducks at Lockwood View Day Care Centre

Patiently waiting.

Here at Lockwood View we harbour a few chickens and ducks, in return we get the odd egg or two.

Digging the pond

The hole gets deeper!

Continued work on the duck pond. We're nearly half way down!

Pond making at Lockwood View Daycare Centre

Quality control steps in.

After rigourous testing from the quality control duck, work continues on Project Duck Pond!

Recycling wood into planters and trays at Lockwood View Adult Day Care Centre


We recycle wood to make a variety of useful items.

Enjoying the great weather today at Lockwood View Adult Day Care Centre

Happy days!

One of our Adults ready to start potting up the plants which will help to fill the polytunnel.

Working and learning life skills at Lockwood View


You can't just dive in, you need to think ahead and do a bit of planning.

The friendly hound at Lockwood View.


Our hound of the house is this friendly guy. He does try to help out by fetching sticks - a lot of sticks.

The view from Lockwood View Adult Day Care Centre.

The surrounding scenery.

Lockwood View is set in the beautfil surroundings of the North Yorkshire Moors. Only a few miles from Guisborough, Saltburn and Loftus.

Working in the sun, adults with disabilities.

Planning again.

Or is it a case of "where did I put my tools"?

Building the pond.


All working together - Full steam ahead!

Wild flowers at Lockwood View Adult Day Care Services, Cleveland

Wild flowers.

Plenty of wild flowers about, there's always something interesting to be seen here.

Adult Care in Redcar & Cleveland UK

Taking a break.

Working out how he's going to find somewhere comfortable to sit for a well earned break.

Taking a break at Lockwood View Adult Day Care Services East Cleveland.


Improvisation at it's best - and comfortable too!

Lockwood View Adult Day Care Services Near Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Attention to detail.

Taking great care of the plants, gotta give the little guys a bit of TLC or they won't grow.

The ducks testing the newly made pond.

Further testing

The pond is a success, the report back from the ducks was a quacking one!

One of the chickens on site.

Jealous chicken.

Soon it'll be the chickens turn as we'll be building them a new coop.

Planters made from wood from pallets.

Plant carriers and tool boxes.

Some of the things we've made to help us out at Lockwood View. All from recycled wood too!

Planters made with recycled wood.

A planter

Another job well done. Made from recycled pallet wood.

Planter from recycled pallets.

And more!

Yet more planters from recycled pallet wood.

The polytunnel at Lockwood View ready to receive new plants and seedlings.

Our polytunnel.

Our polytunnel waiting for the newly potted seedlings to arrive.

Benches from reclaimed wood.

Another work of art.

Another piece painstakingly made by the lads here.

Vegetables grown by the people at Lockwood View.

Produce of our labours!

Just some of the vegetables we're growing here at Lockwood View.